SharePoint 2013 wizard cannot connect to DB

I faced an issue while configuring the sharepoint 2013 in my development environment

It was giving error that user does not have permission to connect to the database

My first impression that it might be a firewall issue but the problem was SQL Server does not have the setup account (sp_admin) it must have sysadmin privileges on the SQL Server

It worked like a charm after that



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Important References for SharePoint 2013 Revamp project



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Start SharePoint 2013 Workflow on Email Receive Event Handler


One of my customer requirement was to initiate the SharePoint 2013 workflow when an Incoming Email Received to SharePoint 2013.

It was just a piece of cake with the below blog, to start a SharePoint 2013 workflow manually

But Strangely I was getting security access denied exception once the email received to SharePoint.

Then i did the following steps;

Activate the Feature

Manage Site Feature –> Workflows can use app permissions

This solved my problem, hope anyone out there will benefit from this post.


Faraz Javaid



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SPAdminV4 is timeout

I faced an issued in SharePoint 2010 farm and my SharePoint administration service was not working I followed the following steps from the following blog


Add host file entries into the local computer host file.

  • Alter the computer policy
    • Click on Start-Run
    • Type in “GPEdit.msc” and click “OK”
    • Expand Computer Configuration-Windows Settings-Security Settings-Public Key Policies
    • Double-click “Certificate Path Validation Settings”
    • Click on the “Network Retrieval” tab
    • Check the box “Define these policy settings”
    • Uncheck “Automatically update certificates in the Microsoft Root Certificate Program (recommended)” and “Allow issuer certificate (AIA) retrieval during path validation (recommended”
    • Click on “OK”
    • Close out of GPEdit.msc
  • Add host file entries
    • Click on Start-Run
    • Type in “C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc” and click “OK”
    • Double-click the file “Hosts”
    • Select “Notepad” as the program to open the file
    • Insert the following lines into the hosts file
    • Save the file and exit notepad


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Repeating Table (InfoPath Forms)

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SharePoint Designer 2010 workflow import and export

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Imran Khan rally to South Waziristan

I agree and endorse with Imran Khan decision for his march. The innocent people are dying with women and children & these paid Pakistani anchors ask illogical questions. They should be ashamed on themselves. The time never remains same you anchors. I protest on your behavior with Imran Khan.

The faces of these politicians can tell one the story. These people who are eating haram will not be able to retain it for long & you will see inshAllah.

Allah might take some time but the good part is that he will eventually do the justice for sure.

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